Lars Walen

Folding TV Stand

I built this stand to hold my TV in my room at college. I made it foldable so that it would be compact for when I eventually returned home, and because I wanted to try to build something with moving pieces.

The stand is made of 3/4” by 3 1/2” common pine boards. First the top was made by laminating four pieces together. Then I routed and chiseled the grooves for the horizontal supports.

Next I cut boards for the horizontal supports to length. I then made the triangular stop blocks and glued them to the horizontal supports. These are also recessed into the top of the stand.

The legs are trimmed to a width that will sit flush with the horizontal supports when the stand is folded. This width is also the diameter of the half-circle at the top of the legs.

The length of the legs must be short enough for them to fold in without hitting the opposing dowel. The dowels rest in holes drilled either part or all the way through the horizontal supports. The cross braces on the legs are positioned to not interfere with each other when the stand is folded, and also to be at the same height when the stand is unfolded.

If you would like to build this, you may use this SketchUp model, which includes dimensions of all pieces.

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